Introductory to Flight


$125 per person


30 Mins

number of people:

1 - 4

terms & conditions

Volo's flyboarding adventure, perfect for kids and adults of all ages!

with 30 mins operating time we provide an instructor to make sure you maximise your time in the air, it’s so amazing you may as well book it twice now!

By far the best activity you can do in Christchurch & the longest time for money Flyboarding EXPERIENCE in New Zealand


Volo presents the FLYBOARD; with this adventure you get a 30 min taste of something that is out of this world, the latest excitement for the rich and famous and that we guarantee you will want more of!

After a brief pre-flight instruction you will strap on the boots and be prepared to fly. Our Volo flyboard instructor, trained in the USA, will help you with tips and pointers while ensuring that you are kept safe at all times!

Typically you can expect to be flying in the air within the first 3 - 5 mins.


The Jetskis & Flyboard (including fuel)

Custom Seventhwave Wetsuits

Life Jackets

A Qualified Flyboard instructor

Full instruction on the flyboard


Go Pro Hire - ($20 flat fee)