Get unlimited "hire periods" with a Seadoo GTR 215 muscle craft.

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This ski is the fastest ski in our fleet capable of reaching speeds up to 110 kmh. Enjoy the benefits of using a Seadoo jetski with 2 key modes for learners and younger family members where a limited speed is desired, or an unlimited key which enables the full 215hp and "sport mode" capabilities.


This ski has more than enough power to tow people on biscuits and wakeboards.

This ski comes on a single jetski trailer.

a normal family car is capable of towing this ski.




• "hire periods" are inclusive of up to 3 days consecutively

• Additional days after 3 in one "hire period" are an additional $100 per day, charged at the time of booking

• Fuel is not included, and the final cost of re fueling the jetski at the end of the "hire period" is charged to THE customer at "pump rate only" 

• A security bond of $1,500 is held on the customers card at the BEGINNING of each "hire period". At the completion of each "Hire period" this held amount is released back to the customer minus the cost of refueling the jetski or any damages during the hire period. 

• Subsequent bookings can be made 5 days after the completion of your last "hire period"


Cost comparison first 30 hours of use

Cost per hour

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What you get

• Unlimited "hire periods" subject to availability

• Use of a Seadoo GTR 215 supplied on a single trailer

• 2 lifejackets of the customers choice issued at the start of each "hire period"

• a training/ safety brief before your first "hire period" (maritime nz requirement) 

Additional items

• Fuel cost at the end of the "hire period" at pump rate only

• $1,500 security bond held on the customers card