Supplied by Mike Phillips Watercraft, Volo's fleet of Jetskis are full of the latest technology with water brakes, off power assisted steering and more. Not only are they the most technologically advanced, we've gone and customised them to make sure you stand out from the crowd. in matte black and orange, there are no other jetskis like them on the water.


You’ve seen the YouTube clips now come and experience it for yourself! With the ability to get out of the water to roughly 10m high you’ll feel and look like ironman! 

While it looks like it could be difficult it takes the average person 2 to 12 mins to be fully flying around, We've got 100% of people that have tried it up in the air ranging from ages 7 to 56!!! 


New to 2014. The hoverboard is new to Zapata Racing, it is similar to the flyboard but an entirely different sensation. We recommend at least 1 session on the Flyboard before moving to the hoverboard. Think wakeboarding but flying... 


At Volo we take safety seriously. That why we choose not to save when it came to selecting our PFDs which we provide. The RFD Chinook is an extremely comfortable life and impact vest to wear. We have all our equipment go through a Maritime New Zealand audit so you can be assured they are in top quality.